About Us

Welcome to Elemento, a warm, inviting and colorful atelier with an unusual home design founded in 1998 by Tel Aviv-based leading designer Yossi Goldberg.

Explore the full variety of unique textiles, furniture and decor. Timeless glass and ceramics, decorative objects and accessories, unique art and limited collections will create a cozy and comfortable environment in your interior. The brand's unique pieces combine modern, high-quality materials and cutting-edge craftsmanship with aesthetics inspired by the 60s and 70s and it fits seamlessly into any environment, be it retro or modern, big or small, private or public.

Elemento is a unique brand that prides itself on creating timeless furniture and home accessories, exploring the relationship between the building blocks of design - color and shape - and infusing them with its own unique DNA.

Goldberg's designs have graced individual homes and revitalized public spaces, including hotels, restaurants and offices, both at home and abroad. Elemento acts as a unique beacon of excellence that shines in the dark sea of ​​the machine and mass industry prevailing in the modern world and brings the focus back to the individual, human touch.

Shop now and add a touch of Elemento chic and premium design to your interior.