FAB Cinema x Zhongshuge Bookstore, Xi’an, China

Shanghai-based design and architecture studio X+Living has teamed up with FAB cinema and Zhongshuge bookstore to design this cross-brand space located in Taiyuan IF Center, Xi’an, China.

The project aims to create a fresh experience for film-lovers while expanding the features of a traditional cinema to appeal to our rapidly changing society.

The program includes a cinema, a bookstore, a reading hall, a children’s area, and a café.

The collaboration features hugely cinematic design, arched corridors, a glut of bookshelves. the space almost looks like a visual effect, with mirrored floors, reflective planes and ceilings coupled with sleek linear lighting.

Besides the movie hall, a plethora of bookshelves clad almost every inch of the vertical surfaces, with recessed lighting augmenting their outlines and placement that reflect off the horizontal ones, produce fantastical graphic quality that complements the warmth of the wood lined interiors, giving it cityscape visual.